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OUR MISSION is to stimulate, inspire, amaze and entertain musical theatre audiences by blazing new special effects and enigmatic paths that are designed to enhance emotional experience while exploring the social consciousness of mental illness and self- bullying. It’s all about recovering.
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What’s Upstairs, Isabella? Hungry to be a famous dancer, a high school teen first has to fight her phantom alter-ego, whose hatred of change stops her from winning the coveted prize.

Based on a true story.

A NEW Musical

Cuckoo’s  Nest
 meets Rent!

Drew Annese

I wish you the best for What’s Upstairs? It is a stunning work. I will follow its progress with great interest and envy. –Cliff Jones, composer

Good ending:

“Totally free. Forever

and ever!” Buona

fortuna! Break a leg!

–Mario Fratti, Nine

So mysterious
until that A-ha moment.

I absolutely loved it!
Patty Wenk

wHAT’s uP?

“I’ve seen a lot and I’m thinking this one’s gonna make it.”

Brian to Isabella, Act II, Sc.1

It makes me think

of Tennessee Williams -

the depth, the great deep sadness of life reaching out through struggle.

–Kay Hall

Partial proceeds benefit a charity that fights against child abuse.